passionate about CAD/CAM programs from Autodesk for more than 8 years
No. 1 in Romania on the suite of Autodesk programs

My journey from a simple beginner engineer to the #1 content creator on the YouTube platform in Romania when it comes to the Autodesk software suite.



I am Marius Păduraru , CEO of MARCADPRO and I invite you to discover my story. It all started in 2020 with a set of simple 2D tutorials in the Autodesk AutoCAD program .

At that time I was a beginner in this industry of tutorials in English and Romanian, but with passion and determination I became number 1 in Romania on the suite of Autodesk programs :

My story

Who am I?

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"

From a simple engineer, at the beginning of the journey, with passion and determination I became the designer, trainer and entrepreneur of today.

Graduated from the Faculty of Construction and Installations in Iasi, Department of Construction Installations (Bachelor’s and Master’s), the only CAD design hours taken were during a semester in the faculty in the AutoCAD 2D program.

I was attracted to this area and wanted to learn more about 2D and 3D design.

Currently I know how to work in 8 2D and 3D programs and I am fascinated by this field.

Thus, from a simple channel of 2D tutorials in AutoCAD, we have developed the largest CAD community in Romania.

The “MariusCAD” brand has developed over 200 YouTube videos and several flash courses.

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In 2020 I started with a few simple 2D tutorials in the Autodesk AutoCAD program and practically established the MariusCAD brand. Eventually, we ended up with complex tutorials posted and customized in 3 modeling programs, multiple orders for international clients, and various online and offline events.


It was a long journey with thousands, if not tens of thousands of hours invested in the largest CAD community in Romania.


Along the way, I met hundreds of new people who I can resonate with and work with today, trained and helped over 100,000 people both directly and indirectly, hosted online events for other countries and held technical seminars on the 3D design side.


The number of degrees and certifications is constantly increasing, as well as my desire to learn as much as possible about this fascinating universe, which I entered with only a laptop, a pencil, some sheets of paper and a map.


The year 2021 brought with it the merger of the personal brand ” MariusCAD ” with the company ” MARCADPRO “.

Thanks to hundreds of satisfied customers and its results that speak for themselves, the MARCADPRO company received the ” Trusted Company ” certificate in 2022 , being recognized nationally and internationally.

This certificate is another proof of the high quality of all services offered.

The MARCADPRO company is part of the “Employers’ Association of the Shaving Processing Industry”.

The association includes 8 of the best companies in the technical field in Romania, where the design and 3D modeling component is represented by our company.

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The MARCADPRO company is part of the “Asociația Patronală a Industriei Prelucrătoare a Așchierii”.

The association includes 8 of the best companies in the technical field in Romania, where the design and 3D modeling component is represented by our company.

The MariusCAD method

4 reasons to choose me

The MariusCAD method gave results for more than 2 years.

The principle is very simple and extremely effective, especially for students who don’t have much time.

It is based on starting with practical and simple examples, then going through classical theory.

From a young age we were taught to learn theory, then do exercises, but in reverse, the way of learning becomes much more intuitive, so learning 2D & 3D modeling becomes much faster.


All services are in English and Romanian.


Always comply with the customer's wishes.


Open to new challenges, regardless of the level of complexity.

Free support

I offer free support to all customers

Satisfied customers


I was a student of Marius with the aim of acquiring basic skills that will also help me in my job in the Inventor environment. Marius is a very patient and calm person and knows how to explain the meaning to anyone who wants to learn one of the programs in the Autodesk branch and beyond. He is also very attentive and considerate of the client's needs in the sense that if you don't understand an idea, he will repeat it from the beginning as many times as necessary until you understand everything correctly. Following these courses, I managed to overcome the obstacles I was encountering and to be able to have a vision of how things work in Inventor. I recommend with confidence!"
bogdan cursant marius cad
Marius is a dedicated person in what he does and this aspect is known from the very beginning from the recordings on YouTube. Clear and direct explanations are delivered in an efficient and natural way. She knows how to prepare herself with useful resources and materials for the lessons that dance teaches. Being his student I managed to gain important knowledge to be able to create models in CAD when a requirement is asked of me at school. I have no doubt in the support he offers me and I know that I will go far in this field, thanks to Marius!
I really like the teaching method used by Marius, I understand very well from him. His explanations can be understood by everyone, but you just have to pay attention and work at home, of course. He is a calm and patient person, he is totally dedicated to the design, and if you did not understand, he can repeat the explanations for you. I am happy with my development thanks to him and I thank him immensely.
Considering that I am a beginner in AutoCAD, I kept looking for people from whom I could learn this program, and to my luck I managed to find Marius Păduraru, a patient man who knows how to explain so that even those beginners like me.

I recommend with confidence!
florentin cursant marius cad
Some time ago I was looking for a solution to learn 3D design as easily as possible, so I started searching where everyone would start, on Youtube, that's where I discovered Marius! I left him a message where I proposed and received a very quick feedback, and in a short time, I had already taken the first steps in learning to use such a program, I received a lot of help from Marius, and -it was extremely easy to assimilate the information along with his courses. I recommend his courses and assistance without hesitation, he has a very extensive experience in most CAD programs, for this reason it is very easy for him to find the ideal solution for your needs!
I highly recommend this wonderful man who, in addition to being a professional, will help you and bring you all the solutions you need in your projects. Guaranteed I will continue to collaborate. Marius is the best. Thank you for the promptness, speed and dedication of your involvement in my projects. Once again, thank you!
Marius is the most cooperative person I have known over time. I am very happy to have the chance to be his student.
I had a few sessions with Marius that suited me very well for my hobby. Both from YouTube and in the sessions I did with him, I learned a lot of new things! I'm glad I was able to learn from the best!
Professional services, on everyone's understanding, a lot of patience, peace of mind, guaranteed result. I recommend with confidence. Very happy with the choice made!
A special, patient man who explains very well what each function of the program does. Friendly and joking at the same time. I recommend it!
I recommend! He knows how to explain very well and offers support even outside the course. I thank him!
Short and clear explanations for everyone to understand. I recommend!
I was very pleasantly surprised by Marius' skills in this field. The fact that he faithfully reconstructed two technical pieces in 3D with a complex architecture, proves that he does these things with great professionalism and dedication. For me, 3D models and their 3D printing were the solution for the successful reuse of equipment considered unrecoverable. Thank you very much and I recommend him!
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